Whats Missing on my Website?

Top 3 documents websites are missing!

So you’ve created a website, launched it and getting some great traffic!  But all too often many of these websites are missing some key documents…all that far outweigh your content and look of your site!

I have been visiting many websites lately, or been in discussion with clients regarding their websites and it is surprising to see that many do not have certain documents that really are a must for ALL websites!  In a nutshell, your website should have at least one if not at two of these:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Website Terms and Conditions
  • Disclaimer

So what exactly are these documents and which ones do I need for my website?

1.  Privacy Document

In Australia, there are privacy laws (Privacy Act 1988) around collecting and storing your customer/clients information. This basically covers how you, as a business, handles this personal information. Often located in the footer of a website, there are specific requirements you need to ensure are met in terms of wording and content and of course that you adhere to the Australian Privacy Act.

So who needs this?  Every business should have one as we all collect client information, for example: mailing list; contact details; process payments and more!

A Privacy document shows your website visitors and potential clients that you are a reputable business who is aware of privacy concerns and understands how to deal with them.

As you can see below, this is my footer which I have listed my Privacy Policy and when selected, it opens up on a page within my website for clients to view.

Footer showing terms and conditions and privacy policy

2.  Terms & Conditions

Your website terms and conditions is a detailed legal notice which states the terms that visitors, users and clients/customers of your website must agree to, in order to browse your site and/or use your products and services. Under the Australian Consumer Law, if you are selling goods and services in Australia, then you must have Terms and Conditions on your site.

If you do not have these on your website, you are potentially breaching the Australian Consumer Law and there are fines/penalties if your website is found to be in breach.

As per the above image, you can see that I have Terms and Conditions in my footer and like the Privacy Policy, when selected, it opens up a page for clients to read.

3.  Disclaimer

A website disclaimer is a way to limit your liability in the way in which information on your website may be viewed and/or used.  In all instances, your content should be as accurate as possible, however from time to time, your content may become out of date, inaccurate or have views which are not common to others.

Adding a disclaimer to your website is a broad safeguard that will limit the liability of the website and you as its owner.  It is often an effective way to manage your website risk.

So what documents do I need?

Often you can join the Disclaimer and Website Terms & Conditions into one document, however at a minimum, you should have Privacy and Terms and Conditions on your web. This is a sure fire way to safeguard your business!

Let’s Audit Your Website

  • I don’t have any of these documents!  – you can download free documents from some law firms in Australia or alternatively you can purchase a kit that you complete and then add to your website.
  • I only have one of these documents – grab yourself the one that is missing and get it uploaded today!
  • I have these documents – congratulations…You’ve done a great job! As a side note – when was the last time they were reviewed? Go back and take a look and ensure you have the most up to date and relevant documents listed.

So there you have the main three documents that you should have on your web.  If you are needing any help with getting these on your site, be sure to Call on Jo!!

Until next time!

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