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What is Marketing Automation and why use it?

Marketing can be very demanding for business owners, especially as we don’t often have the large marketing teams or budgets. However, using tools and automation can make processes easier.

As we wear lots of hats in the business and there is only 24 hours a day to do everything needed to run our businesses – customer service, business development, social media, accounts and everything else on our never-ending to-do list – this can often lead to overwhelm and exhaustion.

The best way to overcome the overwhelm and exhaustion is to look at automating some of your processes. And I’m not talking about using robots!

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation refers to the software that exists with the goal of automation marketing actions. And using technology to automate these tasks makes things easier for you…the business owner.

Where can you use marketing automation?

  • Emails such as a welcome email series / nurture sequence / abandoned carts and reviews
  • Social platforms – posting to multiple places / scheduling
  • Website – retargeting

It enables you to automate some of the above repetitive tasks thus giving you time back in your day!

Why should you automate your marketing?

  1. Automating content in an ongoing cycle can help us not to forget to promote our business.
  2. Automating enables you to get time back in your day and spend it elsewhere to get the dollars to keep running.
  3. It is a great way to measure if things are successful…or not. And then you can decide to replicate one that is or stop/improve/change one that isn’t.

Repurposing existing content means you don’t always have to be creating something new (check out my blog here on how to repurpose content such as a blog post).

What can you automate in your business today?

Until next time!