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What Everyone Ought To Know About Engaging My Services

Processes are what we generally all do, day in day out and whether or not you realise, you often do the same thing over and over again, and generally in the same way.

So in saying that, I wanted to share my process about what happens when you engage my services and some of the general processes that happens behind the scenes.

Initial Contact

Generally you would have seen me somewhere (ie: social media) or been referred to me and I generally receive an email from leads. This is what I call initial contact. Once I receive your email, I may reply requesting more information and make a suitable time for us to have a discussion – either via a telephone or Zoom call.

Prior to that call, I will check out your website and social media sites to see if I can find out more about your business. Then during our call, I determine if (a) I am the right person to be able to provide you with the support you require and (b) we will be a good working fit together.

If I’m not the best fit or don’t have the skillset that you require, I will refer to you either another Virtual Assistant or one of the VA directories to find someone to suit your needs.


After our initial contact, I send through an email outlining our discussion and my recommendation for services including whether the hourly rate, 10 hour time block or task package is going to best suit your needs. I also advise my requirements of what is required to begin the engagement process so you have everything you need to make an informed decision.

Now it’s up to you to determine if you want to engage Call on Jo.


Upon confirmation of engagement, I send you a Client Agreement to digitally sign and return. My agreements outline the scope of work, any agreed deadlines, terms of payment, confidentiality and more. This ensures that the process is streamlined and efficient and we both know what will be happening.

As part of the onboarding process, I also send you an invoice for payment. Depending on the service that you are receiving it may be a deposit or upfront payment and is required before any work commences.

Whilst you are signing and returning the agreement, I then start my other onboarding processes of setting up the required folders, project management board and request information from you that I need to be able to efficiently and effectively support you and your business.

This type of information could include:

  • Branding guide
  • Logos / Imagery
  • Access to social media pages
  • Access to website platform


Once the agreement is sign and payment is received along with all the required information then I can commence the particular work that you have engaged my services for. These tasks are usually added to my project management tool (of which you also receive an invite so you can add tasks to the board or provide additional information or updates as/when required).


Communication is vital with you throughout our working period. I communicate with all clients using a variety of methods and generally whatever is the best way that suits you is how we will liaise. Feedback during a project or task is also vital so if you prefer for something to occur a particular way, be sure to left me know – I will document this and also ensure it is completed that way.

Some clients prefer:

  • Regular emails
  • Set weekly meetings
  • Set Zoom calls / catchups
  • Telephone calls
  • Updates via the project management tool

Project Completion

Dependant on the project or task, you will receive a handover document at the end of working with me. I continuously update the document with information related to your specific work, what features or functionality or how you like things completed. If you work with me on a regular basis, it is available whenever you wish.


Either at the end of your project or task or if you are working with me on a regular basis, I will ask for a review or testimonial which can be left on Google My Business or Facebook.

Obviously if you feel something can be improved, I hope you will communicate with me prior to this request.

A review or testimonial will be used on my website, socials or email marketing. When used, I backlink to your website (which can help with SEO).

So there you have it, the general process for how to work with me!

If you are interested in utilising my services, be sure to send me an email.

Until next time!