It’s that time of the year again, when my kids are starting back at all of their winter sports and with back to school, many after school activities. It is also the time when I look at where I volunteer my time.

For me volunteering not only helps the community and my local clubs, but it also gives me a sense of pride that I am able to assist. Often I undertake roles where I can use my skills and expertise. Other times, I look at how I can also learn more to extend on my skillsets.

The types of volunteering that I have (or still!) undertaken include:

  • at my children’s school
    • In the classroom changing home readers, assisting in small group work – reading, playing games, maths activities; assisting with excursions or helping with art and craft activities.
    • In the Resource Centre – covering books with clear contact (definitely not the best at this task….few bubbles here and there…nothing a pin cannot fix!).
    • In the uniform shop or tuckshop – serving over the counter; stacking shelves; making sandwiches; packing lunches; cutting fruit; labelling drinks.
  • at my local football club
    • being manager of my son’s team since he started in U6’s – this included sending reminders regarding upcoming games; assisting with training; liaising with the club secretary and most importantly the fruit roster!
    • undertaking the Secretary/Registrar role – this was pretty much like having a full time job and most of the time I loved doing everything this entailed – from emails; coordinating teams; liaising with Football Brisbane; liaising with coaches and managers; processing registrations; processing payments and a WHOLE LOT MORE!
  • at my local Girl Guides
    • this is one that I’ve only just started this year, however I have taken on the role of Social Media – coordinating all of their social media and sharing information within the community.
  • at my local networking group
    • I assist with sourcing speakers, social media and of course attending the networking events.
  • donation of goods
    • we have given one to two basket of grocery items to Brisbane Basket Brigade and have just signed up again for 2019; donated bag/s to Share The Dignity and our children have chosen Christmas gifts for a girl/boy of their same age and put it under the Kmart Wishing Tree.

The one thing that I absolutely love to see when I volunteer is just how much passion and time other people also give so generously that enables my children to get to do what they love and enjoy.

Many years ago, we use to be a nation of volunteers, but as a lot people now work fulltime and the other commitments and day to day life, I think people find it much harder to give some time. However if we all give even just one hour a month, we are showing our children how fulfilling our owns lives can become and how we can help others.

Volunteering is all about making a difference in your community but also benefits you personally as it gives you the chance to:

  • make new friendships and create professional networks
  • gain work experience and learn new skills
  • enjoy new social and cultural experiences
  • develop personally and build confidence
  • enjoy better physical and mental health
  • help your community and of course….
  • have fun!

Do you volunteer and if so where?

Until next time!

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