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Tools I use in my business

Let’s face it, there are so many tools out there that are designed to make our lives easier…or sometimes it can be daunting to see how many tools there are available and know what to use in business.


However, in my 3 years in business, I have trialled many tools to find out what I like and don’t like so I am going to share some of my top tools with you. Some are free and some I pay for.

Project Management Tool

ASANA is a tool that enables you to track and management projects. For me, I created a board for each client I have, then I add any specific tasks either a full list or by category eg: website / social media etc.

I have trialled many including Monday and Trello, however I seem to prefer ASANA – probably because I find it easy to setup, use and display.

ASANA is a free tool and some great features include:

  • Creating templates (great if you do recurring tasks!)
  • Allowing you to add people to your boards
  • Different layout options eg: board / calendar / list views
  • Sending email reminders of upcoming tasks due

Get ASANA here.

Scheduling Tools

Over the years, I have predominately utilised Facebook’s scheduling tool which I do love. However this year I have commenced a trial run with SocialBee – so far I am finding it really easy to use. Scheduling tools are really fantastic to keep you organised and save time.

SocialBee is a paid tool and some great features include:

  • Connecting multiple platforms including Google My Business, Facebook and more.
  • Having a hashtag collection (saves remembering them all!)
  • Ability to adjust the content based on the platform you are scheduling to

Get SocialBee here (note: this is an affiliate link so the recipient will receive a small kickback if you sign up).

Diary Management

At heart, I am old school and love to use a hard copy diary. In 2019, I found the 2020 Awesome Marketing Planner and I have it again for 2021. I loved that I could track my sales, numbers, store ideas for newsletters, blogs and plan out my social media. It has really helped keep me on track! It is from the UK so if you ever find something similar in Australia – do let me know!

I also utilise my Outlook calendar which syncs with my mobile phone and Calendly (free version) as an appointment booking tool.

Calendly allows you to create appointment timeslots when you are available and depending on whether you are using the free or paid version, you can have more than one timeslot / length available.

Get the Awesome Marketing Planner here (if the hard copy is sold out, there is also a digital version!).

Get Calendly here.


As part of my continuous learning and investing in myself, I read a lot of books and always learn lots. Two of the best books I have read in 2020 included:

Authentic, Dynamic, Savvy – Modern Marketing for Business Success by Rachel Allan

An easy to read book enabling you to implement strategies into your business . I’ll be honest, I have had to learn lots in business including how to market myself and this book is full of tips and ideas to implement into your business – it is also helping me to prepare a marketing strategy to take my business forward.

Buy the book here.

Superfans by Pat Flynn

Pat’s book writes about how to harness your superfans in your business by learning how to stand out, grow your tribe continue to build a successful business. This book I loved reading and it was full of great tips to engage with your followers.

Buy the book from Book Depository | Amazon and pretty much anywhere!


This is a must have in your business including having a way to capture people’s email address so you can then continue to build your relationship with them (know | like | trust….then buy factors!).

I utilise to build my website as well as Elementor Builder. Then of course there is your hosting as well as plugin’s. Some must have plugin’s on your site are backup and security!

So there you have some of my favourite tools that I use in my business to help me better manage my time and day.

What are some tools that you love to use in your business?

And if you would like to chat about streamlining processes in your business, be sure to send me an email!

Until next time!