Time off in business is important for YOU

Set boundaries in your business and you’ll thank yourself for it!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….it really important to set BOUNDARIES in your business (and even personal) life.  I understand how hard it is to switch off…after all you when you first start in business or even if you’ve been going for a few years, often it is just you having to do it ALL.

Over the weekend, a friend and I had booked our tickets to the theatre to see the Carole King ‘Beautiful’ musical.  A few weeks ago she was having a particularly rough day…let’s face it….weeks…between the kids, husband, running her business and so on and so on.  And to be honest, I was starting to feel the same…so I suggested that we make a night away in the city to see the musical.

A few searches later and we’d booked a night away….a short walk to the theatre, plenty of restaurants to enjoy cooked meals that….


So meanwhile whilst we counted down to our night away…we are both feeling pretty overwhelmed with life in general…I mean as mums we really do everything and I am pretty lucky that my hubby does pick things up…but he is often out with his sport or coaching our sons team and between me working, ferrying the kids around and running the household as well as a business….all the small things were getting to me… I mean was I the only one:

  • That could see the blanket had been left on the floor for days now????
  • Noticed the floors needed vacuuming again????
  • The bathroom needed cleaning???
  • A pile of bills | telephone calls to be made | things to be sorted????
  • The kids needed to be asked a million and one times to do something????

Saturday, 25 August:

SO SATURDAY FINALLY ROLLS around and we are heading into the city and honestly we checkeCity view from our roomd in, headed up to the room….checked it out (woo hoo our own beds so we didn’t have to share!) and sat down and just really enjoyed the stillness | quietness and NO KIDS!

Now don’t get me wrong, I really do love my children but honestly with the constant fighting and noise I was beginning to feel lost in everyday life AND everything.

So back to the serenity…it was so beautiful in itself that I actually started to feel like me again and could hear my own voice! We really enjoyed the room service for dinner, the show (highly recommend seeing this if you haven’t already!), cocktail/dessert bar and a great night sleep…along with not having to think about anyone elses needs or clean up.

Sunday, 26 August:

So Sunday afternoon rolls around and with our late checkout we headed back home – I think my homecoming was slightly more successful than my friends….but the family had tidied up the house, done the vacuuming and moping and even left me in general peacefulness to enjoy Netflix for the wet afternoon that it was. And for an afternoon…none of the kids arguing or backchat was REALLY enjoyed!

So yes life gets busy, noise gets into our heads that it appears is all we can hear.  So please remember it is soooo important to set boundaries in your business life and personal life.

Take time for YOU…it really does then enable you to be a better version of YOU helping to juggle the many things that we as mum’s do!

Until next time (when we will be better prepared for our girls night away with face masks etc etc!)

Jo xx

PS: and if you ever need help….there is no harm or shame in asking…be it from your family, friends, doctor or professional, it is OK to ask when needed.

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