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Preparing Employees to Work Remotely

As we have entered a new phase and reality with COVID-19, many businesses are preparing to have their employees work from home to assist with slowing down the curve and social distancing measures currently in place.

Now this is not something new here at Call on Jo, nor for many freelancers, Online Business Managers (OBMs) or Virtual Assistants (VAs) all of who work virtually (or remotely) on a day to day basis.

However, for some businesses, this is a new challenge that may require some problem-solving. It could be looking at your disaster response plan or in other cases, trying to prepare something for an eventuality that is already starting to occur.

7 Tips to Work Remotely

Here are 7 tips for getting prepared for employees to work remotely:

  1. Map out which roles and duties in your current workforce that identify which tasks/jobs:
    1. Can be done, even partially, without a physical presence in the workplace,
    1. Cannot be done, even somewhat, outside of the physical office,
    1. Not sure (this area could be undertaken with a let’s see how it goes approach!).
  2. Ensure you review your workplace policy and procedures especially around security measures and update if required.
  3. How are your employees going to work – using home computers, remote login or are you supplying devices?
  4. Set up video conferencing so that meetings can still be held or for general contacting of each other (this can also work if your workplace remains open for social distancing).
  5. Set up communication protocols and primary channels so staff are aware of how often they may need to meet and keep track of information.
  6. Identify ways in which to measure performance – both whilst employees are working from home but also afterwards – what worked/didn’t work?
  7. Check-in with your employees 2-3 times per day – to ensure things are working as planned, work is being completed and that their well being is monitored.

This global pandemic is scary and confusing for everyone. If you take the steps and plan and nothing happens, then you are prepared for the possibility in the future.

And at a minimum, you have a workplace that has an organised, flexible remote working response plan in place.

Lastly, for all the sole traders out there – please ensure you have networks in place so you can bounce ideas off others or get support at this time.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Until next time.