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Linking Your Email Marketing Platform to WordPress: What You Need to Know

When you’re a small business owner having an email marketing strategy is essential. It’s one of the best and most cost-effective tools for reaching out to potential customers and keeping in touch with existing ones. But how do you make sure your emails actually reach their intended recipients? The answer is to connect your email marketing platform (like MailerLite) to your WordPress website. In this blog, I’ll discuss why connecting these two platforms is important, as well as some of the benefits it can bring.

The Benefits of Connecting Your Email Platform and WordPress Site

The most obvious benefit of connecting your email platform to your WordPress site is that it makes managing both platforms much easier. Instead of having to manually add new contacts or subscribers every time someone visits your website, all they need to do is enter their email address on a form on your website and they will automatically be added to your email list. This saves you time and effort, as well as reduces the risk of errors due to manual input.

Another example is if you have written a blog about a particular topic then readers can easily subscribe directly from within the post without having to navigate away from the page or fill out long forms elsewhere on the site. This makes signing up far simpler and more convenient for users which increases the chances that they will actually subscribe!

In addition, linking these two platforms allows you to keep track of who is visiting your website and what pages they are viewing. This information can be used to target specific groups of people with tailored messages or offers that are more likely to convert into sales. For example, if someone visits a page on your website about a particular product, you can send them an email offering them discounts or special deals for that product. It’s also possible to use this data for segmentation purposes; by understanding who is visiting what page on your website, you can segment them into different lists based on their interests or demographics in order to send targeted emails that are more likely to be successful.

How to Connect Your Email Platform and WordPress Site

Platforms like MailerLite, MailChimp, Active Campaign and more all generally have a plug-in that you can install on your WordPress site, then follow the prompts to link the two.

How to Install Plugin

  1. Open WordPess Admin
  2. Go to Plugins
  3. Search and find the Plugin
  4. Click on Install
  5. Click on Activate
  6. Then follow the prompts to connect the plugin to your email platform

These are the basic steps to install a plugin on your WordPress website. You may also be required to find the API code located in your email platform and add to the plugin, following the general steps will have it activated, however if you get stuck or would rather someone else do this for you, be sure to give me a call!

As you can see, here are just a couple of advantages associated with connecting an email platform to your website making it easier than ever before for small business owners to manage both their email campaigns along with their websites!

So why not get connected today? You won’t regret it!


PS: do you need some tech support to assist you with this process? Get in touch today.