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How to Repurpose your Content

Coming up with new content is something that many people struggle. Funnily enough, I too also struggle at this from time to time for my own business…but give me your business and I can come up with lots of ideas!

However, what if I told you there was a way in which you could re-purpose your existing content?

No doubt you would be pretty excited…right!?

What is Re-purposing?

Finding new ways to recycle or reuse your existing content is known as “re-purposing content”. It has a number of benefits such as:

  • Reaching a new audience
  • Reinforce your content
  • Gain extra authority

What is ever-green content?

Here’s a term that I had never heard of but it does come up every now and then so now you too can know what it is!

“Ever Green” content is simply, content that stands the test of time and performs well.

The best way to find it, is to review your analytics! Look at what performed well and gained good engagement. This could be from your blog posts/articles or social media platforms to even your website pages.

18 Ideas to Re-purpose Content

  1. Build infographics – use programs like Canva, Piktochart or Visually
  2. Create visual graphics – use program like Canva
  3. Create video’s
  4. Create a workflow
  5. Create a presentation
  6. Do a “live” series
  7. Create new blog posts / articles such as using a list in one blog post and extending on this and turning each item into its own article
  8. Revamp and republish old content
  9. Repost old content on social platforms – it’s ok to show old content multiple times – each time you may reach a new audience or someone who may not have seen it previously, will now see it
  10. Look at posting on sites such as Quora (social answers site)
  11. Create an e-book
  12. Use existing content for another site as a Guest Post
  13. Create a podcast
  14. Host a webinar / event
  15. Create case studies
  16. Interviews – either have people on with you or get onto others!
  17. Create a Pinterest board
  18. Use statistics as individual posts such as on Twitter

Example showing how to re-use content

Let’s say you write a blog post and published it to your website and share the link on the various platforms.

From that blog posts – look at taking snippets of key information out of it that you can share in bite size pieces on other platforms for your audience.

Should you be reusing content? YES!

How do you re-purpose your content? Leave me a message below. And if you need ideas on how to get started re-using and re-purposing your existing content, just Call on Jo!

Until next time!