Email Marketing

Send your emails to customers with confidence

There is a lot that goes into sending out emails to your customers, leads or those that have downloaded your freebie than just sending them an email. For example:

  • Are you consistent with your branding and/or follow-up?
  • Is your call to action (CTA) strong?
  • Can you automate some of your processes?
  • Are you segmenting your email lists to really refine your broadcasts?
  • Are you following email marketing laws and regulations?
  • Are you following up on abandoned carts?
  • Is your email platform connected to your website?
  • Do you review your insights/stats?
  • Do you even have an email list or are you sending it direct from your email?

If you answered no to any or all of the questions, I can get you back on track with your email marketing support to ensure your customers are receiving communications from you.

Types of Email Marketing Support Provided

Connect email platform to your website

Send a one off email eg: newsletter or single campaign

Create email automation sequence

Landing Page with welcome sequence

Email Marketing Packages

Once off email

Best for ad-hoc communication
$ 99
  • Perfect for a one off email, campaign or newsletter
  • Designed to your business branding

Landing Page

Best for landing page with one welcome email
$ 295
  • One landing page with your content, images, call to action button
  • Designed to your business branding
  • Connection to your email platform
  • One welcome email
  • Testing of landing page and email to ensure it's all working

Landing Page / Automation

Best landing page creation and welcome email sequence
$ 500
  • Includes everything in landing page package
  • Up to 9 emails in welcome automation sequence
  • Client tags

Other Type of Support You Can Receive

  • Review and recommendation of platform based on your specific business needs
  • Platform set up
  • Creation of templates
  • Set up of automation including documenting workflow, writing emails and set up/test of process
  • Set up and creation of landing pages, lead generation forms or pop-ups
  • Proofing of your newsletters/emails
  • Writing newsletters/emails for your business
  • Segmenting of email lists
  • Tagging of clients
  • Scheduling of emails/newsletters

I am an officially certified MailerLite expert with skills in email campaigns, landing pages and workflows to enable key support to you in this platform.

I also have experience using a variety of platforms including Active Campaign, MailChimp, MailerLite and Klaviyo.

Set up in any platform is so that you can easily replicate and continue to use the platform yourself (if needed) or allow me to provide you with the ongoing support as required.

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