Day in the Life – Photographers Assistant

What goes on behind the scenes!

At various times throughout 2018 to current, I have been a photographer assistant for my favourite photographer, Claire Pitcher Photography

So I thought, why not share with you what I get to do as a photographers assistant during these sessions!  Now I will add the disclaimer that other photography assistants may do other tasks that are different to me…it really all depends on your photographer and what specifically they need you to do!

Team Photos

Photographers Assistant Team PhotosBack in a Queensland winter, we did our local sports club team photographs. For the team photos, we coordinated 3 different days with our local soccer club (or football for the fanatics!). I assisted Claire during these sessions with:

  • Help carry all the equipment and setting it up (think heavy benches!)
  • Sorting through team folders and ensuring they were in time order;
  • Ensuring the team sheets were in the correct folder;
  • Line the players up in height order;
  • Ensure players were wearing their uniforms consistency (think shits in or out, shoe laces tied and socks pulled up!);
  • Assist with checking the team layout and what looked good to the eye and in the photograph;
  • Taking a reference shot on the Polaroid;
  • Corralling parents / social media disclaimers etc;
  • Making sure players were standing/sitting as requested;
  • Being silly behind the photographer to ensure the little kids were all looking at her (and not the parents).

Wedding Day

Claire was chosen to the photographer for a beautiful couple for their wedding day.  They had chosen an outdoor venue for their wedding and of course, Brisbane decided to put on the weather and rain for the first time in a long time!  This did not dampen the spirits of anyone celebrating the couples day and it really was a beautiful day. I mainly assisted Claire with running around behind her trying to keep her and her camera dry!!!

Family Sessions

Family photography sessionsClaire offers a variety of sessions and I believe her most popular ones are the Christmas sessions! As it is Christmas and I was there to help get smiles out of all of the kids, I decided to get dressed up for them and got a very special headband to wear 😉  (or perhaps me…as I really do love Christmas…my favourite holiday of the year!). This time I also:

  • Collected balance of payments or liaised with families regarding outstanding monies due;
  • Providing them the details about when the photos were going to be available;
  • Helping with setup and pack-up of the equipment/scenery;
  • Making sure peoples hair & clothing looked right and more!!

A lot of my role is very similar, but are all equally important. Really my main role is to assist Claire and do whatever is required of me to make her task easier!  I enjoy helping on these days, it really is something out of the ordinary from my traditional offerings as a Virtual Assistant.

Do you have something outside of the box that you need assistance with?  Then give me a call today to discuss how I can help you.

Until next time!


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