Happy birthday to Call on Jo – one year in

Call on Jo celebrates it’s first year in business!

This time about a year ago, I decided to set up my business (read more on the blog here!) and W O W it’s hard to believe but I am celebrating ONE YEAR IN BUSINESS….and still going strong!

So wouldn’t it be great to reflect not only what I’ve achieved in the past year, but some of my learnings along the way.


  • Having the guts to start my business in the first place;
  • Attending networking meetings;
  • Connecting with other like-minded business owners;
  • Outsourcing some of my own requirements (I understand how hard it can be!);
  • The flexibility to still be around for my children when needed;
  • Completing my personal tax (what a hoopla to get it entered correctly as a sole trader!);
  • Realising that I have definitely made the right decision and how much I love working for myself; and

Whilst I am lucky enough to have a casual position supporting our local school (of which I work 10 hours per week during term time only), this fantastic opportunity fulfils my extrovert need of still having that face to face interaction with people (And that’s also a key reason as to why I attend networking events).

However, it also gives me the flexibility to work within my own business and what I do within that role also supports everything I do within the business and in turn my clients.

Learnings or challenges along the way…

  • You really have to put yourself out there (I may be an extrovert but I am not a shouter about me and my abilities!);
  • Finding the right avenues to reach my target audience (definitely trial and error!)
  • Creating my own marketing and business plan (still working on this one!);
  • Building my client base to ensure I have regular income to support my family; and
  • Making sure every day I am doing something business related.

Whilst the learning’s or challenges may be quite a few and YES it has been a journey!  It’s also been one where I have met (a lot of the times virtually) many people who provided some great support and advice.

And I am thankful to everyone who has engaged my services, knowing that I have supported you in one way or another is a true joy and I hope to continue this work again in the future! So whilst I have (slightly) done past when I officially started in business, I am going to sit back this weekend and enjoy a glass of something (probably juice!!!!).  And of course taking some time off over Christmas, will enable me to continue to plan into 2019 and beyond.

And If Y O U need any help with any of your administrative tasks in your business….remember to Call on Jo!

Until next time, wishing you a very Merry Christmas!


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