Business Head Shots – 5 tips

5 tips for getting great professional head shots

So today I got my mugshot…I mean head shots redone! For me, up to date images are so important, especially as I often do not get to meet my clients face to face (working remotely and all!).  Business photographs of myself provides my clients with a face to the name of who they interact (photos convey a lot about me as a person) and can also show how you others conduct business.

Furthermore, having professional business head shots done on a yearly basis enables you to stay up to date.  Imagine if you are in the business of meeting face to face, you’ve seen their image on the website or social media and then you meet in person.  In their online photographs, they look like they are in their 30’s….but meeting in person it is obvious that they are a lot older!!!!  What kind of message is that conveying?  Would you see them as trustworthy?  For me and many others this is a definite NO. Hence having up to date photographs of you (and your team) is a vital step that needs to be included in your annual checklists.

I’ll be really honest – as much as I am outgoing…I really dislike having my photo taken! However working wiSneak peak into background of professional head shotsth Claire Pitcher from Claire Pitcher Photography is lots of fun! She provides a friendly, relaxed environment that I always end up with shots I love.

After my head shots taken with Claire, I sat down and fired off questions to her to give you the top 5 tips for getting professional head shots taken:

1. What can we expect from a head shot session with Claire Pitcher Photography?

A 15-20 minute session giving you 8-10 images (both in black and white AND colour) that are fully edited, high resolution shot in an air conditioned studio.  If there is a team, then I can come along to your work and set up my pop-up studio. The photos are then suitable for you to use on your website, business cards and social media platforms.

2. Why are business head shots important?

It is really important to always use professional photos (not ones done on a smartphone…no matter how good you think they are!).  It shows your clients that you are a professional and that you care.

3. What do you need to think about before having your photo taken?

Prior to coming into my studio for their photo shoot, I ask my clients to ask themselves ‘what do you want your clients to see (or portrayed) from your image?’.  And this comes back to the type of business that you operate, so photographs could be portrayed as professional, approachable or friendly.

4. What are the best colours to wear and why?

  1. No big prints/logos – this can be distracting and date a photo.
  2. Plain/neutral colours are the best choice.
  3. Be careful of colours such as: cream, white, beige, skin tone as these may blend your face into your clothes (sometimes but not always!).

And what about make up for the ladies?

  1. Keep make up looking as natural as possible.
  2. Don’t go crazy (unless that’s your business!)

The key is to keep your look in line with your business and what you do.  So for example – if you’re an electrician, you are not going to turn up in a suit for your photo shoot to represent your company but you may wear polo shirt/shorts.

5. The latest buzzword in small business is branding – how do your photographs help small businesses who don’t have large amounts of money to spend?

That is why I offer these sessions, to keep it affordable for everyone. Branding is important, however you do not need to spend thousands of dollars (and how many small businesses have this kind of money?) to receive professional business head shots.

Special Offer for Call on Jo blog readers:

Claire has kindly offered any businesses wanting (or needing!) their head shots updated, a 20% discount – just mention Call on Jo when making your booking!

Thanks again to Claire from Claire Pitcher Photography – I cannot wait to see the final edited shots and update my website and social media platforms.


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