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Business reviews – how to guide

Business reviews are important… BUT WHY?

Customer reviews can improve your business reputation online, improve your website search engine ranking, showcase you as an expert in your area and of course….gain valuable customer feedback.

The best tip I can provide is to keep it simple and easy for the customer – the less clicks/work they have to do, the more likely they are to leave you a review.

Here are my tips to get more reviews:

  • ASK! It might seem obvious, but unless you ask for one, you may not receive anything. So at the end of a project/task – send an email to your client asking for a review and link to where you want the review listed (download template here).
  • GENERAL EMAIL REQUEST: If a client praises you in an email – reply back and ask if you can use it. Then create a social media post to share and also add to your website/directories (as posts).
  • AUTOMATED PLATFORMS: Use a platform like Arrivala ( – I’m not affiliated with this – it’s just one that I found) who offer 10 free review requests per month, auto-schedule repeat follow-ups, connection with over 40+ platforms, statistics, embeddable widgets for your website. And I’m sure there are others out there.
  • TIMING: Check the timing of asking for effectiveness – sometimes asking between 1pm-3pm can generate more reviews as people are often coming back from lunch and not quite ready to jump back into work so may be happy to write that review.
  • INCENTIVES: People often leave reviews in return for an incentive (although be careful as places like Google can penalise you for offering these).
  • INTEGRATE: Post a photograph on social platforms with a few questions and also ask for feedback.

Other ways to ask for reviews

Other than asking via an email – try the following:

  • Send an SMS asking for a review with the link
  • Create a postcard/flyer that you can leave with a customer after a job is complete (great for tradies) or put with their order
  • Create a QR code for reviews
  • Signage at the register (bricks & mortar stores)
  • Have reviews against individual products (e-commerce stores)
  • Add it into your signature block
  • Create an automation after a product is purchased eg: 1-2 weeks after order – this gives the customer time to receive and test out the product

However you choose to undertake your reviews, be sure to keep these requests as friendly, warm and personal as possible – not salesy.

How to harness negative reviews

Don’t be afraid of negative feedback. Often how you choose to respond to the review can actually improve customer trust. It also authenticates and proves to customers that they haven’t been doctored.

Furthermore, they offer a unique marketing opportunity when handled correctly and can build confidence in your brand.

Top 4 tips for replying to negative feedback:
  1. Don’t reply immediately – take some time to think about the review what has been written
  2. Investigate to gather facts
  3. Take the emotion out of it – this is not a personal attack on you, this is business related to a business transaction – when replying stick to the facts.
  4. Offer a sincere apology if you are in the wrong

Reply to all reviews

Be sure to reply to each review that you receive and thank the person. It doesn’t have to happen the moment you receive the review – schedule time each week or month into your calendar to look at all the avenues you receive reviews and take some time to personalise the reply to the customer.

Where can reviews be left

There are plenty of platforms where your customers can leave a review:

Google  |  Facebook  |  Website  |  LinkedIn  |  
Other Business Directories  |  Review Sites

Which platform you will use will predominately depend on your marketing strategy.

How to use your reviews

  • Share reviews on different social media platforms
  • Share in newsletters
  • Create a case study
  • Share in your signature block / email

How do you ask for reviews? Post a comment and let me know.

Until next time!