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Are your links working?

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With Christmas fast approaching (and even back to school in 2022 coming soon), this is a great time to check that your links are working in ALL places where your business is featured.


  • Social Media sites (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok to name a few)
  • Online business directories
  • Websites

How many times do you visit a page on Facebook (for example) and click on the link to buy something or visit their website…and it’s broken? I know it frustrates me and often I don’t have the time to then go hunting for their actual website and find the product.

How many sales are you potentially losing because of broken links?

So this is your nudge to ask when was the last time you checked your links were working between your social accounts back to your website?

If you have…

  • Links to social media
  • Products featured on social media shops
  • Links to blogs or to other sites
  • Links in your social media bios
  • Links in directory listings


Broken links can mean lost sales and potentially break businesses. Imagine the customers you could have lost and sales that never happened all because you had a broken link.

And of course, be sure to check all links work on the phone and computer.

If you need any help checking links, send me an email today and let’s get started.

Until next time