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Are Your Links Working?

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Understanding the importance of links and making sure they are working properly is key to running a successful website. In this article, we will break down why links are so important and how to make sure they are working correctly.

What Are Links?

Links are used to connect two different web pages or documents together. They can be used to direct users from one page of your website to another, or from an external source (like an email blast) to your website. In other words, links are what makes navigating around the internet possible!

Why Are Links Important?

Well, for starters, having broken or non-existent links on your website can be very damaging for your business. Having a broken link on your site will lead visitors to dead ends, which in turn often leads them away from your website altogether. This means that even if you have a great product or service that visitors would be interested in, they won’t even get the chance to see it because of a broken link!

Additionally, search engine algorithms take into account the overall quality of websites when determining their rankings; having a lot of broken links on your website can lead to lower rankings and fewer visitors as a result. 

Links are an essential part of any successful website—but only if they are working correctly! Regularly checking all the links on your site—internal as well as external—is essential for keeping things running smoothly and ensuring potential customers don’t miss out on seeing what you have to offer.

Utilising tools like Google Search Console, Broken Link Checker or Deadlinks Checker can also be extremely helpful in tracking any problems related to performance or errors; this way you can maintain control over every aspect of running a successful online business.

Taking these steps will help ensure that visitors don’t get lost along the way when trying to access information about you or purchase products/services from you!

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