A day in the life of Call on Jo

PLUS 2 top tips to assist you be more productive

Working from home, I love it but I’m not always at home! I also provide an onsite service to my clients so often am working onsite at their place of business (sometimes it’s at their home!). So I thought I would share a general day in the life of me when I am working from home…so you can see it’s not all about watching Ellen or catching up on the latest Netflix shows!

  • 5am to 6am – start of my day (and the next hour or so of trying to get our kids out of bed ready for their day!)
  • 7am – Review my emails and respond as required | Undertake inbox management for one client |Take mini-me #1 to the bus | Finish helping mini-me #2 get ready for school.
  • 8.15am – Take mini-me #2 to school
  • 9am – 2.30pm – my productive period!

Over the course of the day, I undertake a variety of tasks and I generally like to group them together either by client or by like work. This is just a snapshot of the type of work I will be undertaking in this period:

  • Complete current client work
  • Complete any admin tasks for Call on Jo
  • Review my emails and respond as required
  • Check in on Social Media eg: Facebook / Groups and respond to requests for VA’s / provide support to others who are asking AND LinkedIn / Comment, share or create a post
  • Follow up any Leads
  • Send out new Service Agreements
  • 2.30pm – school pickup / after school activities / dinner prep or cooking plus anything else like organising mini-me’s for school the next day, homework, lunch making, bedtime routines etc / family game / watch TV / eat dinner
  • 7.00pm – social media review
  • 8pm – phone on charge and no longer looking at it!
  • 8.30pm – generally hit the sack!

So there you have it – I know that come 2021, I will have extra time in my day to be able to take on more client work as both mini-me’s will be at high school. The main reason for starting my business was to have the flexibility to work around my kids and whilst it doesn’t always happen – I certainly manage to achieve it 95% of the time!

Top Tip #1 – Look After Yourself

Whilst there isn’t a lot of time for Ellen or Neflix – I highly recommend taking at least 10 minutes out of your day to move away from your desk and have a break and eat lunch – I often sit outside getting fresh air and I find that this enables me to refocus ready for the remainder of my day.

Be sure to have set yourself boundaries (and keep to them!) and turn off the phone so that you have family time!

Top Tip #2 – Chunking

The second I can give you is blocking out time to work ie: chunking! It’s easy to respond to emails the moment they come in, but if not urgent, then I allocated time each hour or two to review the emails. Likewise, with social media – it’s VERY EASY to sit and spend time on social media so I often set myself a timer and only allow 30 minutes during my actual working day.

Completing like tasks enables you to be more productive!

What does your work day look like?
Until next time!

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