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5 Website Updates To Action in 2022

Often when websites are created, many think that’s where the work ends, but in reality, regular updates are required!

Find out why these 5 website updates need to be completed in February (or even just for 2022!) and have your website performing at its peak.


1. About Page/Head Shots

About Page:

Your about page is another sales type page your potential customers read after the home page. This is where not only can you let them get to know you…but you can also share the why of they should be buying or working with you (dependant on whether you are a B2C or B2B).

How is your looking? Is it up to date and relevant or could it be tweaked?


Head Shots:

Taking regular head shots is important, it gives your customers a sense of who they are working with! This can be especially important when (like me) you work virtually so often they may never see you! Luckily for most of my clients, they can have regular Zoom’s so they do get to see me, but I honestly need to get new head shots completed this year as it has been a few years…and let’s face it, we all age (ahem change!).

When was the last time you had your headshots updated? Or do you have a team shot that may need updating or replacing because team members have changed!

2. Opt-In / Freebie

An opt-in or freebie is a great way to build your email marketing list. People give you basic info eg: name/email in exchange for receiving something of value from you. This could be a pop-up or dedicated landing page.

Again how long has your opt-in been on the the website or landing page and is it time to change it up? Again, something I will be doing this year!

3. Themes / Plugins

Updating your theme and/or plugins is a great way to ensure your website is secure and not vulnerable to hacks. 

If you self-manage your website, always ensure that you perform a backup of your site (and this should also be occurring regularly!) before updating any themes or plugins.

When updating these items, ensure you do one at a time, then check your website to ensure that the plugin (for example) has not stopped something functioning or working on your site.

And if you pay a website developer for maintenance service, how often is this occurring and are you receiving reports about what has been updated? If you don’t remember the last time you received something, be sure to get in touch with them!

4. Products / Services

Your key offerings to your customers, products for example should be reviewed on a regular basis as:

  • You can add or remove products from your offerings
  • Items can be out of stock / available for back order / sold out
Services on the other hand should be look at on (at a minimum) an annual basis or whenever you undertake a big review of your offerings. Last year I took a review of work that I had completed and what I was predominately focussing on in my business, hence I had to go through and update my services provided to my clients to ensure that when people visit my site, they know what I offer and whether I fit with what they were needing.

5. Testimonials / Portfolio


Testimonials or feedback from clients providing a review of your products and/or services offered. Be sure to ask every time you either sell an item; finish providing a service or perhaps they’ve written something nice in an email to you that you could use.


Portfolios relate to the specific work you’ve completed (predominately for service-based business) and can provide a idea of the client request, work completed and feedback from the client. Sometimes we’ve done quite a bit of work that we haven’t recorded or updated this and having relevant and latest projects is another way for other potential clients to see what it is you have completed.

So there you have it! My top 5 website updates to ensure you complete on your website…I’m challenging you to do it this month, but if not, pick one and complete one each month to do.

And of course, if you need any assistance completing this tasks, be sure to give me a call!

Until next time