5 Reasons to Outsource to a VA Today

Why having a VA in your business is a good business decision

Here in Queensland, spring has sprung and the weather is warming up and the silly season is soon upon us! So now is the time to take stock of all those jobs you do each and every day in your business and see if it is time to engage someone else to help you!

This is your “business baby” so handing over the reins to someone else can be daunting or scary!  I get that, HOWEVER what if you could focus on the core areas of your business that you love doing vs the areas that you don’t?

And yes, you could engage an employee but then you have to be aware of everything relate to having employees (even casual ones!) like wages; payslips; superannuation, tax, awards, health and safety and equipment. And this can also be a much bigger expense than engaging someone on an as needed basis.

“So what are the benefits of engaging a VA like you?” I hear you ask.  Here are my top five reasons to engage Call on Jo to help in your business today…

Top 5 Reasons:

  1. Efficiency guaranteed – your business is supported by an experienced and reliable professional (me? I’ve had over 20+ years experience in administration).
  2. Save costs on advertising, interviewing, employing and training casual, part time or full-time staff members.
  3. Less office overheads – no outlay for equipment such as hardware, software, desk, uniforms, equipment, vehicle etc.
  4. Be more productive – You can focus on the tasks you enjoy and are good at.
  5. No lock in contracts – Support is available during your peak periods or on an ongoing basis.

There are sooo many “hats” we wear when it is just us running our business, below is a sample of tasks that you could outsource:

  • Accounts receivable and payable
  • Social media curation
  • Website management
  • Writing blogs
  • Advertising/marketing
  • Research
  • Document creation and formatting
  • Creation of work processes
  • General data entry

Ask yourself….

  1. What else do you do in your business?
  2. What are the tasks that you don’t like to do?

By answering these questions, you can help determine the types of tasks that you could outsource!

Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant will help you accomplish more in less time, so you can get back to being yourself – a mother/father, husband/wife, friend, adventurer AND a business owner!

So what are you waiting for?

Until next time!


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